Community Dialogue

Bean Rock

AUCKLAND Aotearoa New Zealand


Existential issues frame our lives. Getting a glimpse of how our personal history weaves together with the wider cultural history and the socio-political context to form our identity, beliefs and values, frees us to think and speak with our own voices.

This group has been meeting in various forms since 2003. It has always offered a thinking space, where there is a possibility to meet with colleagues to talk about what is usually difficult to talk about. his forum provides one of the few safe-enough places available to explore and to make sense of these unspoken and often unconscious undercurrents that flow through and affect our community.

The group that gathers may be any size but this is often a reflection of forces in our community that we are often unable to recognise.  Talking together can help to reveal them.  Participants are asked to commit to attending for the whole weekend.


Next Community Dialogue to be announced..

We begin on Friday at 6pm. We start on Saturday and Sunday at 9.00am.
We finish at 4.45pm on Saturday and continue until 2.45pm on Sunday.

Morning and afternoon teas, supper on Friday evening and lunch on both days will be provided.  The group may be any size up to about 50. Participants are asked to commit to attending for the whole workshop.


The Courtyard Room, St Lukes Community Centre, Remuera Rd, Auckland


To be advised
[Lunch, teas, coffees and snacks included]


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