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Making Space for New Possibilities

Teresa is an innovator, architect and group analyst creating ‘spaces’ for people to find new perspectives on their lives.  Her personal and professional background  give her a unique portfolio of skills.  She is a registered architect with 40 years experience in the construction industry, mainly in the social housing sector.  She is also trained to facilitate dialogue in groups of any size.  Skills in these two disciplines have come together in various projects over the years and include using groups to develop innovative strategic thinking, to facilitate consultation-led design and relationship-based building construction management.

Teresa is now based in the UK and works in a variety of settings throughout the world mainly conducting median and large groups to facilitate understanding of complex issues, connected with many twenty-first century dilemmas, particularly related to the construction industry, the built environment, cultural difference, racism, conflict and trauma.

She recognises the inhibiting aftermath of traumatic experiences and how when unrecognised can powerfully determine how much subsequent generations can ‘know’ and how much they can be free from its limiting and insidious influence on thinking and feeling.

Her work takes many forms and includes:

  • Teaching the way larger group processes influence all aspects of our lives.
  • Supporting managers to take new steps that bring results beyond previous possibilities
  • Ensuring differences are sensitively understood and creatively worked through in many contexts – organisational, cultural, social and political
  • Understanding long-term influences of transgenerational trauma
  • Encouraging collaborative working within construction industry partnering contracts
  • Enabling aesthetically designed physical spaces that respond to clients’ dreams

She co-authored Design through Dialogue:  A Guide for Clients and Architects and has published a number of papers and book chapters on dialogue, transmission of sociopolitical trauma, culture and the relationship between the built environment and people.

She is an Honorary Member of the Institute of Group Analysis, Fellow of the International Association for Group Psychotherapy and Group Processes, and immediate past Treasurer and co-editor of their Year Book, Forum.

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