Organisational Change

A new context Conclusions

As Borough Architect in Southwark, Teresa managed a cultural change in the Building Design Service using her group dialogue skills. This in-house local authority department threatened with closure was transformed into a vibrant public sector client-focussed consultancy that received many awards.

An Investors in People pilot programme and Total Quality Management circles were put in place providing a  framework for deep changes..

Executive Coaching and Mentoring

Managers often find themselves overwhelmed by the day-to day demands of their job.  Having the support of ‘Teresa’s  listening ear’ often makes intractable situations evapourate.
One client discovered that it is always the first few seconds that are difficult but once she got through that she could deal with anything.


Teams, departments and organisations discover that the faciliatating environment created by Teresa is put in place many new and previously unthought of possibibilities emerge without any of the predicted disasters.  As a result, clients often express relief and excitement for the future.

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